APOLLO PLASTIC INDUSTRIES is a conglomerate of 3 different brands which comprises of Apollo, Palkan and Hakku with its operations in Daman & Diu, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Apollo Plastic Industries is well known for its abounding years of experience in the Plastic molding field and to drive the industry with its innovative products introduced in the country for the first time.

Since its inception in 1977, Apollo Plastic Industries has set itself apart from its competition by focusing on research and development, futuristic product designing and superior customer service to meet the growing demand of Indian customers & further to fill the need gap for global customers.

Apollo Plastic Industries specializes in plastic molded products with applications in various industries like Industrial Packaging Solutions, Water Storage Containers, Automotive Components, Healthcare Products, Infrastructure / Construction related products, Material Handling Solutions &Custom Molding Solutions. Apollo Plastic Industries’ entire unit is ISO 9001:2000 Certified. It also has UN Certification for its drums to Transport Dangerous Goods. All their products confirm to ISI and UN standards and are approved by Indian Institute of Packaging. Their fully equipped lab issues a test certificate with each and every consignment